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子宮美人ヨガーWell-being Yoga VOL.1

はじめにー子宮美人ヨガ担当のASAMIです。  (English is in the lower part.)

子宮美人ヨガとは、別名で月経血コントロールヨガと呼ばれています。皆さんはこの名前を聞いて、どんなイメージを持ちましたか? 私の最初のイメージは、「生理の時期を自分で操ることが出来るヨガ???」でした。良く考えると、そのイメージすらイマイチ意味がわからないのですが、笑。

子宮美人ヨガとは、月経血を子宮内に貯めておいて必要な時にトイレで排泄する、ということを目標に、身体を内側から整えていくヨガです。 現代に生きる私たちは、初潮を迎えた時から紙ナプキンという便利な物に経血を垂れ流しにしています。だから、経血をオシッコのようにトイレで排泄すると聞くと、まさか!とか、そんなこと出来るわけがない!と思うかもしれません。 だけど、着物を着て生活していた昔の女性はみんな当たり前に行っていたのです。だって、当時は下着さえ着けず、もちろん紙ナプキンなど無かったのですから。



Uterus beauty yoga is another name and is called menstrual blood control yoga. When you heard this name, what kind of image did you have?

My first image was "Yoga that lets you control the period of menstruation yourself". If you think carefully, even the image doesn't even know the meaning, but it's a laugh.

Uterus beauty yoga is a yoga that arranges the body from the inside with the goal of storing menstrual blood in the uterus and excreting it in the bathroom when necessary.

We, who live in the present, have been dropping menstrual blood into convenient items such as paper napkins since the beginning of the first spring. So, if you ask to excrete menstrual blood in the bathroom like an pee, no way! There is no way I can do that! You might think that.

However, all the Japanese women who used to live in kimono were going out for a while. Because at the time I didn't even wear my underwear, and of course there was no paper napkin.

So why do you think that what we did in old women is impossible for us today? Is it really impossible?

Next time, I will write about the differences between old and modern women's bodies.

write by Asami


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