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Yoga Shanti Hong Kong   

Disclaimer consent

1) Under the guidance of the lecturer, practice safely, pay attention to safety under self-responsibility,

consider muscle strength, physical fitness, physical condition of yourself,

 I agree to participate in the lesson to the extent not impossible.


2) My health condition is good now, I acknowledge that there are no problems in participating in class.


3) Already allergic people, those who are injured, those in the pregnancy, for congenital or acquired reasons,

 Those with disabilities in part of the body function, those suffering from mental illness will participate

under the consent of their doctor.

-3) and if there is a first aid that you want to know in case of emergency, be sure to tell before class participation I will declare it.

-3), I agree to consult with your doctor beforehand. With no consultation with your doctor,

 I agree that you can not join the class.

4) Yoga, unlike medical practice aimed at treatment and diagnosis, that you can expect the effect

 of getting both physical and mental health .We understand and agree not to participate in the therapeutic purpose of allergic constitution and treatment purpose such as disease · injury · disease.

I admit what we are seeking to consult with your doctor beforehand.

5) Should an abnormality occur in a physical condition during a lesson, we stop immediately and report it to the instructor.

6) In the unlikely event that an injury or illness occurs during the lesson, and the aftereffects accompany it, even in the case of death, 

I accept responsibility on my own responsibility and regard any responsibility for all stakeholders involved in the class regardless of the   cause.I will not ask you. In addition, when a doctor and a lecturer give first aid about the injury / illness etc.,

 the result of the first aid I do not object to objections.

7)We can not refund unused class fees paid.
  After submitting a medical certificate of a doctor, it is possible to extend the term of the ticket.

8) Manage belongings on their own responsibility and accept that they will be responsible for themselves in terms of

 damage, loss, etc.

9) In case of trouble between members, we can not take responsibility in the classroom.

Yoga Shanti Hong Kong 免責に関する同意





















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