Studio Renewal  Re-Open Promotion

For monthly rentals in March and April
10% off the prices below

▶ ︎Weekday

-Single Rental

AM to 6PM  - $ 200 per a hour 
After 6 PM -  $ 260per a hour

You can apply at least 2 hours before the rental time.



(Rental at the same time on the same day of the calendar /4days / per a hour.)

AM to 6:00 pm /  $ 180 ($ 720)
After 6 pm /  $ 240 ($ 960)
Please apply and pay by the 20th of every month.


▶︎Saturday and Sunday
-$240 per a hour for all day

4 days x 1hour / $ 960    
4days x 2hours/$1900

Personal  User
AM to 6PM $200 per a hour 

after 6 PM $240 per a hour 

​Special offer
 If you rent for 9 hours or more a month, we will give you a more discount.
However, it is limited to those who use the same time zone and day of the week every month.

-No refund will be given after payment.
-We will respond to changes in the schedule and time within the same month.
-Transfers to the next month are not possible.

Yoga mat, Yoga block, Flops, Yoga belt, Chair , 
Private toilet

What`s Up: 9152-6604(yumika )

Address:1203. Landwide Commercial Building, 118-120 Austin Rd. TST.

1-2 mins walk from MTR Jordan Exit D.