Studio Renewal Open Promotion Book For October 2020
Night  time (after 5pm-) & Weekend 

Special offer $240 per hour 

Day time use  before 5pm. 

Special offer $200 per hour 

​This Service for Only for those who rent for the first time

Rental service price 
Mon - Fri   before 5:00pm   $280 per hour

Mon - Fri   after 5:00pm      $280 per hour

 Sat, Sun, and public holiday : $280 per hour

This floor can arrange 8 to 14 yoga mats.
Equipment: Yoga mat / yoga block

 🌟Special price is offered for those rent over 9hours  per

 a Month regularly & continuously.

For whole day rental, price would be adjusted.

The above prices for reference only, please contact  for details.


​また、単発のご使用もOK. お気軽にお問い合わせください。




What`s Up: 9152-6604(yumika )

Address:1203. Landwide Commercial Building, 118-120 Austin Rd. TST.

1-2 mins walk from MTR Jordan Exit D.