Provisions on studio rental


1) About studio rental

- Booking and payment must be done monthly. Otherwise special rate will not be applied.
- Booking several months ahead is also possible.
- Booking can be made in a prior month that it can be made on the first day of the prior month. 
- $ 280 (1 hour) until 6 pm on weekdays
- $ 280 - (1 hour) after 6 pm on weekdays
- Saturday & Sunday $ 280 ( 1 hour) all day


2) Cancellation& change of reservation date
-The deposit will not be refunded.
-Date changes must be made at least 7 days before the scheduled date.
-Relocation of the booking can only be done within the month of the original booking or within the following month.
However, if the rental time exceeds 3 hours, 1 hour can be used for transfer.

-Reservations cannot roll over to next month's quota.


3) Special cases for clients rent the studio regularly) 

Clients who rent the studio more than 9hours a month in a regular bases,

following rates will be applied as exceptions if h/she booked it at least 4 hours a month.

Weekday until 6PM  $ 260 (1 hour)       

Weekdays from 6 PM to $ 260 (1 hour)
Saturday · Sunday & Holidays $ 260 (1 hour)

However, if the client continues to book less than 8 hours a month, please note that

we will need to review the rate in a result.


4)Cancellation policy due to typhoon signals and natural disasters
About booking cancellation due to a typhoon signal T8 or above 
- Only when T8 is hoisted at the scheduled booking time, the cost of booking can be deducted from payment

 of the next month.
Please be sure to inform us about the cancellation and its reason in advance.
Cancellation notification must be made from 24 hours before to 2 hours before the signal is hoisted.
Cancellation which is not related to T8 signal will be treated as a regular cancellation.

 Rented regularly on a monthly basis
Please determine the rental date by the 20th of the previous month.
-Payment must be made within 3 days of booking application.
-If you do not contact or pay, we will give  the use to others.

-If there is no rental for 1 month or more than 1 month,
You may not be able to continue your rental at the desired date and time at future.
In addition, there is no adaptation of the discount price.


5)Studio Rules & Guidelines:
- Entry to the studio only starts 10 minutes before the booked time.
- Leaving the studio must be completed within 10 minutes from the booked time.
- Eating and drinking in the premises are strictly prohibited.
- Indecent activities in the premises are strictly prohibited.

- The premises must be kept clean and tidy.


-Absolutely forbidden to use candles and fire.

- Diapers and food waste must not be left at the premises.

- Renting the studio to a third party is strictly prohibited.

- Any items damaged by the participants during the booked period must be reimbursed by the teacher or

 event organizer immediately.

- Things which are not allowed to use must not be touched by anyone.

 If you violate the above Rules & Guidelines, you will be banned from booking.


6)【Rental Studio Facility】

—Yoga mat

-Yoga block


-Air condition

-Speaker (blue tooth)

(The mats and blocks for rental are only the two mirror doors on the first window side)


■Equipment that can not be used

Equipment contained in other than usable shelves